Afghanistan’s Islamic movement Fidai front:

Fidai front believe in the eternity of jihad. Jihad is an obligation upon every able Muslim men and women. Without jihad Islam can neither dominate nor survive in the world. The pride of the Muslims lies in jihad. In the traditions of the beloved prophet (PBUH), jihad has been called as the peak of Islam. The Mujahedeen of the Fidai front are not against any specific nation, country, or race but our resistance is against the satanic ruling system of democracy. We call the current crusade war a war of monotheism against polytheism, a war of Tawheed against Shirk. Fidai front of the Islamic movement strongly condemns the nationalization of jihad. Jihad is a global phenomenon and any Muslim can practice jihad where ever he wants, if it is obligatory in that region. Muslims are brothers irrespective of their race, ethnicity, color and geographic locations. A Muslim in the west should feel pain and grief if another Muslim is tortured or dishonored in east and vice versa.