Another truth based on the martyrdom of AMEER UL MOMENEN MULLAH OMER

CIA and Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansoor (Islamic Emirate of the present chief) reached with an agreement that the death AMEER UL MOMEEN will also be the success of US same like MARTYR OSAMA bin laden.
MULLAH AKHTAR MANSOOR meet with American terrorist in May 2015 in area around GARDY forest which lie on the border of Pakistan and CHOTY which lie on the border of Afghanistan this meeting take place with the presence of MONSHI ABDUL QAYUM , MULLAH NAIM and some other spies and discuss to make a plane to prove the martyr of MULLA OMER on the soil of Pakistan same like martyr of osama bin laden
They wanted to prove that great mullah sahib was in the limit of Pakistan government and he was lead to martyrdom by American troops in a print and went back with the body of mullah sahib in this meeting the living place for AMEER UL MOMENEN were selected near to Pakistani military bases to prove with full avoidance that mullah sahib was the spy of Pakistan
The first place was selected near QILA SAFULLAH , second place was selected in city Quetta in new kali which is also near to Pakistan security military chick posts and in this meeting the workers of CIA tell to MULLAH MANSOR that you must make a good link with Pakistan and to confirm any thing which Pakistan want weather it is peace talks , conferences or anything else and then MANSOR agree to success his plane so he immediately start meetings with Pakistan and tell them that he is ready for anything and make himself a faithful friend to them
When the Fidai front collect information about the arrogant of them so they release statement about the live and death of mullah sahib, and in the end of his research results they share with the whole nation, with some again we mentioned a brief:
When American open an office in Qatar for their slaves so AMEER UL MOMENEN was fully against this program he send a massage to MULLAH MANSOR that what they have done, immediately to close the office but they did not respond to his message and argue with him but AMEER UL MOMENEN did not accept any argument and then massage him again and again to seal the office and even in these messages they get to an un fair argument.
AMEER UL MOMENEN had already disease but now, it very tormented him, the same representative who exchange messages between them give him the name of those medicines which he used for a long time, he went quit after them, there he face mullah AKHTAR MANSOOR and they tell him that the Pakistani medicine are not affected , we will import medicines from Dubai for AMEER UL MOMENEN and thus it happen the same they export poison instead of medicine from Dubai and with the usage of these medicine he tell his last words after three days before afternoon tea and he closed his eyes from this temporary and unfaithful world and then entrust to grave in ZABUL PROVIENCE
After the research Fidai front leadership council decided to take care of the testimony of AMEER UL MOMENEN and should share with media, and it happened the same and with this the plane of MULLAH AKHTAR MANSOR and (CIA) was flopped
And they also want now to prove that AMEER UL MOMENEN is martyr in Pakistan and want to agree his master with these propagandas and get rid of them and for this they want to say that AMEER UL MOMENEN lead to martyrdom in a hospital in Karachi
We are confident to say that after fall of Islamic emirate AMEER UL MOMENEN never go outside AFGHANISTAN.
Fidai Mahaz Spokesman (Qari Hamza) 8/1/2015

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