Report about Martyred of Mullah Muhammad Omar and answer of those questions that zabiullah mujahid Rejected

The spokesman for the Emirate MULLAH ABDUL BARI who is famous with ZABIHULLAH MUJAHID claim that AMEER UL MOMENEN DEFENTENT hands in the martyrdom of the claims he meant to find out. We say to them The current place of MULLAH MOHAMMAD OMAR MUJAHID is the tomb in Zabul province, and even INSHALLAH his Holy Spirit would be in Jinnah. You have claimed that the news is lie. our and your lies truth are well known to the whole nation and mujahedeen . FADAI MOVEMENT that the first source of your diameter office revealing. And you people also denied the office, and you have said. They are few people who went by there own support , they never own over leadership and now they are known as your political tutor and in the same why you people stamp Qatar office as your own political office Then the extent denied any kind of media talks FADAI MOVEMENT was the first source who possessed the hidden talks between you and (CIA) but now this is the puppet government abase with media openly and started officially confirmed. Others in dozens of times that it has been an issue with you in the beginning, have you deny but later you confirmed it in white writing. We are sure that as soon as this matter officially because without confirmed it have no more options, including battlefield all mujahedin and all the people wants audio message of AMER UL MOMENEN MULAH MOHAMAD OMER . If you are going to say that with audio massage his location will be traced so no one is going to agree with you. FADAI MOVEMENT  has clear information about the death date of MULLAH MUHAMAD OMER and we mean it enough that we only say about the last testament of MULAH MUHAMAD OMER was afternoon tea INSHALLAH we will hand over more information about martyrdom to media soon . Fidai Mahaz Spokes Man (Qari Hamza) 07/24/2015

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