The agents of America in the groups of Taliban

America is a country who can do anything for their benefits weather it is political, or based on and military and interfere in those people from whom they afraid and you people notice lots of such examples like mujahedeen
American use every kind of weapon against mujahedeen tell they weak this group from the path of military to the political Qatar office and even they are fighting intelligence war through use of some agents they are working against this group till they reach to their target in 2001 when the incident of world trade center take place so there the member or worker of Taliban mula ameer khan mutaqi went to America by the invitation of CIA from Kabul to Islamabad and then from there to London and after spending one day in London he went to Washington and there he went to the base of CIA with the source of Taliban abdul hakeem mujahid on the base to deal the matter of giving information about Arabic mujahedeen and when there discussion is over finally after 10 days he went back to London and from there to Islamabad and at last he came back to Afghanistan and some time was not spend when America over came on Afghanistan and amer khan motaqy take much benefit on favor of America from the satellite which was hand over to him by CIA
After the breakup of Islamic emirate amer khan mutaqy went to deera ismail khan ,Pakistan to do more works to open his intelligence network once again in south Waziristan and work for CIA till 2006 and after that he was hand over much more good work because he became the member of high assembly of Islamic emirate of Afghanistan and on that occasion Uzbekistan also renew old relationship with him because he had good and friendly relation on the time Taliban regime they invite him to visit there but he afraid and he hide himself for some time but at last he become agree and went to Uzbekistan when he went there then through Uzbek intelligence he went for a meeting with CIA to their base and he deal on the leader of Uzbek mujahedeen qari tahir to give them all information about him because Uzbek mujahedeen was the enemies of both America and Uzbekistan and he went back with one million US dollars and this all information are the words of his translator of kapisa province who was translation between them and he want to reach uzbak mujahedeen but he can’t reached to them but then he went to us for help to reach uzbak mujahedeen and to tell them all the story we don’t believed him but we use our friend spies to investigate this matter and highlight it to us Amer khan mutaqy use his brother ahmad mutaqy for this work to make friend ship with qari tahir Jan through muhamad alim qari tahir jaan was living with mullah mohamad alim in his home and in the end ahmad mutaqi become a good friend with qari tahir jan and then ahmad mutaqi connect his self with salam rakity for further procedure and our intelligence capture this issue hear one day accidently it happen when our friend was sitting in the home of salam rakity when ahmad mutaqi came there and tell him that everything is right he answered him to wait tell he ask to someone after a communication he tell ahmad mutaqi that everything is fine lets go so our friend tell us that I also follow them for investigation they went to to bagram bazar ,par wan province and they reached to big base of America and there they came out from the vego car of salam rakity and they set on another black land crozier with other people our friend say that they came out from the base after 6 hour with a black suit case and after that ahmad mutaqi spend night with salam rakity and then tomorrow he went Kandahar through ahmad shah abdaly bus and from there he went to his home and American does not know about his home because he meet them from the house of salam rarity or waheed mushda who are the members of parliament and then he keep a chip for qari tahir jan which was given to him by American in bagram base which results that was targeted by a drone attack in Waziristan on 27 august 2009 in which he badly injured he lost his one hand and foot and after some time on 1st October 2009 he lead to martyrdom [We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return]
These are that truth that we shared it with you and we have more such information that we will shared with you with the passage of time and we will highlight the acting of our enemies.08/05/2015

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