Fidai Mahaz Has Rejected Qatar’s Negotiation.

The Afghanistan Islamic movement of fidai mahaz has refused Qatar’s negotiation and Taliban representation. Those who are going to negotiate with American they are not Afghans and they are not delegation of Afghanistan and afghan mujahideen. these are the servant of America. They want to sell our holy jihad and our holy martyrs. For a few dollars and for a seat in a government. Insha Allah we will continue our holy jihad until American get out from Afghanistan. And we will bring a legal system in Afghanistan. We strongly reject this negotiation. Those who are going to negotiate with America like syed tayub agha, doctor Mohammad naeem wardag, suhail shaheen , qazi din Mohammad hanif, molave nek Mohammad and molave sheer Mohammad abbas. They are not afghan and can not represent Afghanistan they just working for America and they are their servants. They are traitor. Jihad is an obligatory on them. Like obligate on America. They are slaves of America. We are not accepting them and their negotiation and representation.

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