To all local and foreigner mujahideen in Afghanistan!

Asalam Alikum

As all of us know the hypocrites exist in holy Islam since the time of Mohammed peace be up on him, and for centuries they are hiding among Muslims, but Thanks to Almighty Allah these hypocrites are always ashamed failed and defeated by true believers. We see these Mufaiqeen are selling the dignity, blood and sacrifices of true Mujahideen, they sell country, religions and Jihad some notes to infidels.

American and other crusaders know they can’t defeat holy warriors in the battle field there for they find and empowered Munafiqeen among Muslims to achieve their goals, Afghan the defeat of USSR occupying force in Afghanistan and failure of communism in the world local warlords fought each other for power and wealth, moral corruption, fighting, robberies and other crimes get very common in Afghanistan and to end these brutality Taliban Islāmic movement was created under late Mullah Mohammed Omer(rh), as they get the rule of the country and offer stability the infidel and crusaders get worry that their decades old plans are going to be in vain, the created a group of Munafiqeen, hypocrites, among the movement, a local commander by name of Abdul Ghani who later got the nickname of Birader was identified as the best available person to carry out their plan and meet their goals.

At the beginning of the movement Abdul Ghani Biradar tried to kill Mullah Mohammed Omer and other hones leaders as was instructed by American, in year 2000, Biradar along with Mullah Qadir Ehsaraki, then an employee of Afghan embassy in Islam Abad held a meeting with Americans and they told Americans: as we have strong support among the military structure of Taliban we will launch a coup against Mullah Mohammed Omer, we will overthrow and kill him. This suggestion was warmly accepted and American gave large amount of support to Biradar. As he returned to Kandahar with all his struggle he couldn’t carry out his devil plan because at that time Mullah Mohammed Omer was very strong and Ghani Biradar couldn’t stage a coup or try to kill him.

Later as the Al Qaed Mujahidin carried out successful attacks against intelligence and financials hubs in United state the world was shaken Ghani Biradar mission got more important, American ordered him to arrested and hand over 20 high ranking Al Qaeda mujahideen to American and whoever especially Mullah Mohammed Omer if opposed the raids should be killed on the spot and take the power in his own hands, with all efforts to do his mission Ghani Biradar failed again.

As puppet of American in 2007, Abdul Ghani Biradar along with Zia Agha had a secret meeting with US military commander in Kandahar, three armored vehicles took him from Spin Boldak to the base in home of Mullah Mohammed Omer in west of Kandahar city, in this meeting he refreshed his commitment to harm mujahideen and Jihad and promise to increase his devil activities against Muslims, during this important time he was acting as deputy of Mullah Mohammed Omer and we have enough evidence about his treason and hypocrisy which we will share with you in a separate article.

The same as Birdars’ we have the evidence of treason related to every puppet in Qatar office, these evidence include videos, photos, written and sound materials, and we will share each of these as a prove of the spying to crusaders and harming the Muslims.

Respected mujahideen!

Business is going on your lives and Jihad in Qatar, it is time to understand about the real enemies, these nest of evil is making new and dangerous plans against us, they won’t let us have the result of our holy war, so be careful and don’t follow their ugly path, get stronger against them and make their schemes fail. Qatar office under leadership of Abdul Ghani Biradar is continuing their oppression in coördination with Americans against true believers and mujaheddin through out Afghanistan, they killed hundreds of mujahideen and arrested hundred more to carry out their mission and make the American happy, Both side are working to cut the enemies of US by the hands of Taliban and this process is going on now.

Our brothers mujahideen! Once again we call up on you to get united, know the real enemies, hypocrites, and those who are acting against the instruction almighty Allah and holy prophet to make American happy and defaming the name of Mujahideen, avoid their partnership and make them your target otherwise there will a divine curse on every one of you.

Qari Hamza

Spokesman of Martyrs Front

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